Pen Turning Challenge 2016 (ep14)

I turned my very first pen for the James Green Pen Turning Challenge 2016.


Step 1: 

Find the center of the pen blank on both ends.

Step 2: 

Using your clamp and 7 mm drill bit, drill a try hole in the pen blank.

Step 3: 

Cut your pen blank to a length 1/8″ greater than the length of the brass tubes that come with your pen kit.

Step 4: 

Scuff up the brass tube with sand paper, coat it with CA glue and insert into the pen blank so the ends of the tube are slightly below the ends of the wood.

Step 5: 

On your drill press, use the 7mm reamer and barrel head cutter to square up the ends of each of the pen blanks. Make sure to stop when you see the shinny part of the brass and don’t over cut.

Step 6: 

On the pen mandrel, slip on in alternating fashion the bushings and wood pen blanks and insert it into the lathe.

Step 7: 

Turn your pen blank to your desired share and feel. Then work your way up thru the sand paper starting at 150 and ending with 600.

Step 8: 

Apply you finish to the pen while its still on the lathe. Use a clean towel at the end to buff the finish and to dry the pen.

Step 9: 

Assemble all the pieces of the pen together using a pen press or quick release clamp and enjoy writing with your very own, hand-made, slim line pen.



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