The “Izzy” Drinking Game


These are the official rules, made up by me, to honor a great maker and an awesome person, Izzy Swan. Have fun, be safe, and remember…alcohol can make ugly people look pretty.

What you need: 

  • Alcohol – Any kind of your choice. However, based on these rules beer or something light would be helpful as you may get messed up quick!!
  • Any Izzy Swan YouTube Video – pulling a full Izzy playlist will make this game go one for hours.

Official Rules

  1. Anytime Izzy shows up on camera without sleeves on; DRINK 1
  2. Anytime Izzy uses 2P-10; DRINK 1
  3. Anytime you see 2P-10 in the backdrop; DRINK 1
  4. Anytime Izzy says “CA Glue,” “2P-10,” or “FastCap”; DRINK 2
  5. Anytime Izzy wears his hat forward; DRINK 1
  6. Anytime Izzy wears his hat backward; DRINK 2
  7. Anytime he uses drone footage; DRINK 2
  8. Anytime Izzy uses a tool in a manner that is not the original intent of the tool; DRINK 2
  9. Anytime Izzy designs a new product that is to be manufactured and sold; DRINK 3
  10. Anytime Izzy rides a drill powered/man powered wooden/metal creation down the street; FINISH YOUR DRINK!!



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