Deacon Woodworks is a residential renovation and custom woodworking company that focuses on handyman services, commissioned based woodworking, and craft style products. I try to build projects that individually stand on their own with step-by-step plans so you can try them on your own. In addition, I also build projects that are more inspirational than instructional as they are custom to specific applications. In those types of projects I try to highlight areas where you may experience hiccups (probably because I did) and share with you my experiences to overcome them.

Yes and no. I try to maintain a full time work schedule associated with Deacon Woodworks, client commissions, and the online video content. However, to meet financial responsibilities I maintain a level of engagement as a strategy consultant for large financial institutions where I help them solve problems and implement solutions.

Deacon was born on August 28, 2012. I got Deacon when he was six weeks old in October 2012; he weighed 8 lbs., and had the biggest paws I had ever seen. With his Therapy Dog training it has made him a favorite of the neighborhood kids…and there isn’t a person (or tennis ball) that Deacon doesn’t like.

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and scientist, once said, “One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.”

I have had no formal woodworking training but I think I have seen every New Yankee Workshop and This Old House that has ever been produced. My father and I still joke about “wearing our safety glasses” and cutting “mortises” in our bad Norm Abrams imitated voices. But for most projects or new skills I start by doing a lot of research, watch a ton of YouTube videos, and/or ask people who are more experienced than I am. In the end…I just give it a try and learn from my mistakes.

Sure, but by invite only! 🙂

Deacon Taproom is in my house. Deacon Taproom was a way for me to do a couple of things…(1) to do something in my own home to highlight the woodworking and design skills I have to potential clients and (2) enjoy my love for craft beer. All the “branding” for Deacon Taproom is just a fun way in which my friends and neighbors have embraced a place for socialization, community, and good beer. It’s just plain fun!

Send me an email and I will take a look at it. I usually build things that I need or that clients have asked me to build for them. However, I am always up for new challenges and would love to try new things.

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Please remember that I do my best to respond to all the emails I get. However, between email, social media, and YouTube there can sometimes be a lot of questions to get through. So, if I don’t respond, please don’t take offense and know that I am doing my best to respond to all the questions.