The Dusty Life Podcast

Brian McCauley, Kyle Toth, and Sean Rubino were kind enough to invite me onto their podcast, The Dusty Life Podcast, to discuss investment vs. consumable blade purchases. Take a listen and subscribe to them on iTunes or SoundCloud.

What We Discussed: 

  • What are the guys criteria for making an investment into a blade versus just buying the cheap version to throw away when dull.
  • What specific brands do they use when they decide to make the investment into a cutting blade.

Make sure you take a listen to the full podcast for all the details of our conversation and all the other great content and fun these guys have.

Who is The Dusty Life Podcast:

The Dusty Life Podcast is hosted by Brian McCauley, Kyle Toth, and Sean Rubino.  Each host brings a unique background and skill set to woodworking.

Visit each host’s individual sites listed below to learn more about them and where they can be found on all the social media channels.

Brian McCauley at

Kyle Toth at

Sean Rubino at



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